“The Indic Renaissance-Economic Growth and Indian Foreign Relations”; with Sanjeev Sanyal

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“In the Indo-Pak war-1971, three million Indians were killed. India was only supported by the Soviet Union. In Pulwama attack-2019, except China, most of the countries supported India. This revolutionary change was possible because of strong Indian Foreign Relations. And the credit goes to our Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, who have worked meticulously in improving the Indian Foreign Relations and framing a resilient Economic Structure.” -Sanjeev Sanyal

Sanjeev Sanyal, the Principal Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Finance, to Government of India. An economist, author, environmentalist, urban theorist, a Rhodes Scholar and Eisenhower Fellow. He was named as “Young Global Leader 2010” by the World Economic Forum at Davos. Widely regarded as one of ‘Asia’s leading economists’ he was Deutsche Bank’s Global Strategist and Managing Director till 2015. He has penned down several books including “The Indic Renaissance: India’s Rise after a Thousand Years of Decline”, “Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography”, “The Incredible History of India’s Geography”, “The Ocean of Churn: How human history was shaped by the Indian Ocean and Life Over Two Beers”.

The Nehru-Gandhi political party believed in Non-Aligned Policies and tried to maintain a Global Balance; an exact opposite to Kautilya’s Arthashastra theory, that state “शत्रु का शत्रु दोस्त होता है!” Their strategy failed India in maintaining Indian Foreign relations, as a result of which, the Economy suffered a lot. But since 2014 elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi have worked diligently in improving Indian Foreign Relations.

In past 5 years; India’s rank in “The Ease of Doing Business” by the World Bank Annual Ratings have improved from 140th to 77th, among 190 economies. India is leading in Foreign Direct Investments. India is labelled with “The Fastest Growing Economy”. Indian Foreign Relations have improved at world level. End to Bankruptcy and Corruption; a disciplined “Rule Based System” have been established since 2014, with commencement of “Monetary Policy Committee”. This has resulted to 7.2% of average economic growth; with a drastic decrease in Inflation rates from 10 to 9 to 4 to 2.7 at present.

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