‘Indian Foreign Relations, Multilateral Trading System and Demographic Dividend’; with Dr. Mohan Kumar

Former Ambassador Dr. Mohan Kumar, serving as the Chairman of RIS, Think Tank of Indian Government, edifies the mechanism of Indian Economy and how it is directly proportional to Indian-Foreign Relations. Elaborating the notions of Multilateral Trading System; Demographic Dividend; Foreign Direct Investments and aspects of World Trade Organization, he distinguishes the Indian Passport and OCI card.

Dr. Mohan Kumar; Ranking ex-diplomat with more than 36 years of experience at the highest levels of the Indian Government; the Chairman of RIS, Think Tank; Vice Dean and Professor of Diplomatic Practices at Jindal School of International Affairs and the Author of “Negotiation Dynamics of the WTO”. With a PhD degree in Political Science and Government, he is specialized in francophone countries (Morocco, Congo, Switzerland and France), expertise in WTO and regional specialization in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Praising the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, he emphasizes on the growth of Economy and the elevation in GDP in last four years; labelling India as the “Fastest Growing Economy”. Where the open markets of investment are inviting new opportunities, the reduction in time-period to start a new company has reduced from 3 months to 25 days. Aligned in a non-aligned Foreign Relations, India successfully maintains an optimized relation with foreign countries. The credit of success goes to the Honorable Prime Minister.

Indians are intellectual, diligent, work-oriented, responsible, reliable and follow rules and regulations obediently. With a 36 years of experience as an ambassador and after travelling 70 countries of the world, I can proudly say; “MERA BHARAT MAHAN!”” says the former Bahrain Ambassador, who strategically dealt with a complex situation of “Arab Spring”

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