Literature festival commenced in Khajuraho, Experts shared their views

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Literature festival commenced on 5th January 2019, Saturday, in tourist city Khajuraho. In the seminar held by political party, Experts from various fields expressed their views on Gender equality by casting light on Indian tradition, literature, art and religion.

Bollywood producer, director, film maker and author Vivek Agnihotri says: “India is a country of common man, spirituality is in our DNA”. Illustrating films of 90s where the Hero being a commoner took over the Casanova and Business Tycoon Villain, where public praised the Hero, for common man in India is respected consistently.

Despite Hinduism the primary religion followed in India, many religions have manifested here. This happens only in India where Spirituality is trusted over Religious beliefs. Praising the glory of Temples in Khajuraho he adored the art of architects for presenting their everyday lives in art form. Gender equality always prevailed in India, but Westernization generated gender inequalities.

General secretary of Ganga Mahasabha, Acharya Ganga Sarasvati says, “In India, gender equality has never been an issue. Not only male and female, even trans-genders have been given a lot of respect before the rule of Alauddin Khalji. Even cravings on temple depict trans-genders serving idols of God and Goddess in temple”.

The event was conducted by NIOS member and Social Activist Dr. Nandita Pathak.

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