Welcome 2019: Everything about new happening of 2019 that you should know

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Today is the first day of new month & New Year – 2019. Most of the people might have come out of the hangover of New Year. Logically if we see then nothing great is changed, the same habits of us, the same surrounding of us and the same temperament of us are being carried forwarded in the New Year. Except the few New Year resolutions (that too for few initial days of New Year), everything is same, then why there is so much excitement for New Year in people?

But it is said that each new day is the first day of rest of your life; same way the dawn of 2019 has come with the new rays of hope and new zeal. If we look forward to next 365 days of 2019, then following are the things those are expected to be executed:

Indian & Global Politics:

  • In this year, 48 countries including India are going to elect their new leaders; more than 2 billion voters will decide the new governments of the world.
  • There will be 20 big summits and 10 major treaties are expected at global level; G-20 summit is expected to be held in Japan this year.
  • Brexit: UK is expected to be out of European Union in March, 2019 which will affect many political and economical affairs globally
  • Politics of crude: Qatar will exit from OPEC countries after 57 years and will increase the crude oil production.

Travel & Transport:

  • Hyderabad & Bangalore introducing the face scanning recognition technology at airports.
  • Delhi airport is expected to beat Shanghai & Hong Kong in terms of visitors & flyers.
  • Water ways: there will be connectivity in 10+ cities of 4 states in India because of the water ways & naval transportation projects.
  • Railways: data will be updated in the running train only, waiting will be conformed; high speed new trains will be introduced; India will produce 4 times more coaches than any other country in the world.
  • Roadways: new car will be introduced which will run on mixed fuel and will decrease the running cost up to 20%
  • Luxemburg will be the first country to make public transport absolutely free.

Business & economy:

  • India will retain its place as fastest growing country; 64% of the companies believe that they are recovering from ups & downs of last year’s economy and they would increase 20% recruitment and would offer more jobs.
  • IT, Automobile and Hospitality will be the lucrative fields to attract more & more employment; and approx increment of employees will be 10-12%.
  • Female recruitment will increase up to 15-20% this year in comparison to last year.
  • Approx per capita income in India expected to exceed 1.23 lakhs rs.
  • Globally GDPR project managers, web developers, sales managers, financial planners, business lawyers, data analysts, general accountants, etc will be in demand this year.
  • Indian electronic market will increase with growth rate of 41%; E-commerce will increase with rate of24% and FMCG market will increase by 20.6% this year.

Science & Technology:

  • ISRO is going to have 32 missions this year which will be the highest & record breaking.
  • Two countries i.e. UAE and Spain will introduce hyper loop (the fastest running public transport service) having speed of 1200 km/hr.
  • Japan & China may introduce the flying car commercially; moreover Tesla is in process to make an E-car which can run at speed of 225 km/hr in tunnel.
  • NASA will be at its peak to unveil the secrets of the Universe
  • Mobile data usage may increase by 144% and approx rate of 1 GB data in 15 rs only.
  • Artificial intelligence may bring the revolution to the technology.

Medical & Innovation:

  • HIV’s vaccine’s human trail is being started; dengue’s medicine & vaccination will be easily available.
  • Non-violence meat, prepared in the lab, may be introduced this year.
  • 500 cr rupees of proton therapy machine for cancer’s treatment is expected t arrive at Apollo hospital in Chennai.
  • Super computer will take charge of treatment of various diseases like Parkinson,  Alzheimer, etc


  • This year focus will be on made in India ships; new air craft will join defence forces.
  • Rafale will fighter planes will strengthen our air force;
  • Sniper, assault rifles will lead the Indian army to the modernization of the arms & ammunitions.
  • Vikrant: the aircraft carrier ship will join the Indian navy this year and also Indian made sub marines will join the Indian navy this year.


  • There will be software approved examination papers of engineering & management; 15 lakh engineering & management students will give exam through new technique.
  • In secondary education, 33% marks will be needed including theory & practical.
  • The most reputed business school IIM will increase focus on role play & live projects.


  • 21 countries will hold 26 world cups of different games
  • 30th May, 2019 onward there will be cricket world cup which will last for 46 days.
  • First time formula – 1series will be open for women.

Film & entertainment:

  • 100+ films will be announced more than 50 cr of budget.
  • Bollywood will bring the costliest film Mahabharta worth 1000 cr.
  • There will be 5 bio-pics on various famous personalities.
  • Hollywood’s star wars is expected to release having budget of 1977 cr rupees.
  • 30+ video platforms will bring 20+ web series.
  • Online film business has exceed the 40,000 cr rupees turn over as an industry through mobile & internet revolution.

Laws & order:

  • Supreme Court’s hearings will be telecasted live – however judges will be the supreme authority to decide which cases to be telecasted and which to be not.
  • All the judgements of courts will be available in first Hindi and then regional languages related to the cases & associated people.
  • 3 major cases’ decision may come out: Ayodhya verdict, section 35-A and law related to rehabilitation of Pakistani citizen.  

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