Dr. Manmohan Singh: An Accidental Prime Minister? Or well planned Strategic move of Congress?


Dr. Manmohan Singh was the 13th Prime Minister of India and during his tenure there were many situations where questions arose whether he was really a right candidate for this position or he just an Accidental Prime Minister?

Dr. Singh’s erstwhile media advisor Mr. Sanjaya Baru has written a book in him which is not only kind to him and but also is vociferous in its praise for him. The file “An Accidental Prime Minister” is full of thrill and excitement based on the true events. The legendary actor Mr. Anupam Kher, who played Dr. Manmohan Singh’s character, has given the full justice to his role. Watch the first trailer here –

Anupam Kher, being a veteran actor, has revitalized Dr. Manmohan Singh’s character on the silver screen and he has exactly replicated him. Basically this film is based on a book which was written to recoup the reputation of the former PM; what were the situations which made Dr. Singh’s reputation on stake? How it was attempted to salvage? Watch out the trailer here and don’t miss one of the most memorable movies of Mr. Anupam Kher releasing on the 11th Jan, 2019.

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