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Christmas has a its own importance for many reasons, some of them are – it is the birth day of Lord Jesus Christ and therefore it is one of the biggest religious & cultural festival for catholic people. Another reason makes it special is that it is followed by a vacation (in catholic majority regions) and a new year in the immediate week. One more reason is that it comes in winter so people enjoy the pleasant atmosphere too. Apart from Christian people, the other non catholic people too celebrate it culturally with lots of zeal and zest.

Everybody knows the history and the means of Christmas why and how it is celebrated; today we shall discuss the new dimension of celebrating Christmas. A legendary & very interesting character Santa Claus, more commonly known as Santa, is the attraction of this festival. Santa Claus is 1747 years old character; Santa, according to the folklores, used to roam on Christmas nights and distribute chocolates, toys, happiness, etc.  Children used to decorate the Christmas tree and hang socks on the tree and believed that Santa will come and fill it with the things they desired.

Let’s don’t go in depth about the authenticity of this folklore or the logic, but if we focus on the sentiments behind this folklore then it’s clear message to help the needy. Act of distributing gifts & other things by Santa is a symbolic act to preach that during festivals or similar times, we need to extend a helping hand to needy so that they can also enjoy festivals.

Today, I want to talk about some real life Santa Clauses who help people without any temptation of return in favour or even media hype for what they have done. A gentleman in Surat, Gujarat Mr. Mahesh Savani is a real Santa Clause who, every year, organizes a big mass marriage ceremony where he bares entire expenses of the event and make approx 250 to 300 orphan or needy girls and serves them as Father. Another Santa Clause from Surat, Gujarat itself Mr. Savji bhai, every year distributes cars, jewelleries, houses, etc to his employees who are not able to buy them on their own.  Another Santa from south India – Dr. Devi Shetty, the founder of Narayana Health, is a cardiac surgeon and an entrepreneur. He made costly health insurances & medical covers available to needy & poor people in just 10 rupees; not only this, he made the expensive heart surgeries available in less than 50% of the cost. One more Santa Claus Mr. Azim Premji donated more than 50,000 cr rupees from his personal wealth for education of underprivileged students & children.  One more group of Santa, commonly known as Robin Hood Army (RHA), is fighting against hunger. This group gathers excess food from restaurants, from any wedding or other some events and distributes to hungry people in slum & interior areas. They feed people with compassion and care.

I can go on and on with this list, but the morale of the story is can’t we be a Santa for someone needy this Christmas? If we really want to give something, then resources or wealth is not necessary but willingness and compassion in heart is needed. So extend your helping hand and make someone smile on this Christmas, that will be the celebration in real sense.

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