It’s never too late to RISE: A story of a girl from house wife to an IAS officer

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There is a proverb in Gujarati – सपना उगी निकडे तो वाव्या कहवाय, नहिंतर डटाया कहवाय means your dreams are dreams only when they come true else they were actually never belonged to you. Today I feel delight to share a success story of such a determined, passionate, committed and visionary lady; who not only dared to dream but attempted and succeeded in making them come true.

Imagine a girl from emblematic family background attains a formal education – gets degree, settles down after getting married and have a child – what more is expected from her? In accustomed conditions perhaps nothing much except to take care of a child and family. But what if that girl / lady chooses the society & nation over the family? Watch success story of such a girl Mrs. Anu Kumari who secured the 2nd position in UPSC exam in 2017

Anu used to be a common girl like millions of other girls who attended college, got married and had a child. Anu was doing a job post her studies and was comparatively living a happy life but one day she introspected and realized what could have been achieved in life; so he decided to be an IAS officer. She has been to such a college which has the greatest contribution in producing a large multitude of bureaucrats and therefore the seeds of being one among them were there in her mind since then. Being into a middle class family, availing exorbitant facilities to study wasn’t possible; neither the self study was enough, then what to do?

Anu very beautifully compared her situation with the famous management theory – Maslow’s need hierarchy; according to that she was physically, emotionally blessed but then her hunger for social esteem has played the pivotal role as a catalyst. But the journey wasn’t easy at all. One hand there wasn’t financial freedom to fulfil the study requirements; moreover Anu was loaded with many responsibilities including an infant child. It was a tough call to take; Anu was fighting with herself and with a mother inside her.

This was really a tough decision because Anu had the set corporate job and leaving all present life comforts and taking up UPSC was a threat too because UPSC is one of the toughest exams. Moreover there wasn’t even any guarantee that she would be cracking the same.

So which were the things drove her? What made her pursue her dreams after 9 years of job and family responsibilities? Watch full video to witness her success story of becoming an IAS topper.

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