Indian Politics: The Great Indian Political Theatre

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Yesterday 2018 Vidhansabha elections result declared and I thought of a movie title – Rama Rama Kya he Drama released in 2008. Well, that movie has nothing to do with the election or politics or results, but the title of the movie is, according to me, most suitable one for the present phenomenon of Indian Politics.

Being a vigilant citizen, I have been keeping an eye on all political parties and I feel proud that I am follower of not a single political party, but the results came yesterday on 11th December, 2018 has shaken me because of several reasons. First & foremost reason is that something has gone wrong with the wisdom of an Indian voter.

BJP’s journey towards victory started from MP  & Chhatisgarh since 2014 and these are the two states where they have been smashed badly in 2018. It is not astonishing that BJP has thrown out but it is surprising that Congress is leading. BJP government has taken many decisions during its tenure which has affected the common men, entrepreneurs, self employed people, farmers, etc from many strata of the society and there was a hidden frustration & disappointment in the minds of people; it was also foreseen that BJP has the harder time to conquer this time, but the way it was thrown out was completely shocking.

During our management studies in the post graduate programme, we were taught – Short term Gain & Long term Suffering v/s Short term Suffering & Long term Gain concept; according to that wise people would always choose the short term suffering & long term gain. But this election result has shown that people have chosen short term gain & long term suffering.

Basically we do not support or endorse any political party but if we go in depth and analyze then we would come know that we don’t have the strong opponent or proper candidate and/or party whom we can select. We have situation like एक तरफ कुआ और एक तरफ खाई so rationally we have to choose the less harmful.  A big volume of intellectual people want to vote someone else than BJP but do we have any deserving party or candidate whom we can vote?

If we are disappointed with our spouses, that doesn’t mean that we can bring the escorts home. If you substantiate the backgrounds of the political leaders and prospects, you will come to know that 90% of them are accused for major crimes which includes corruption, extortion, murder, crimes against women, molestation, unethical practices, land grabbing, money laundering, having more wealth than income, supporting naxalism & terrorism, etc and lot more.

So basically the question is that are we going to caste our vote to such candidates? It is said that casting a vote is a holy responsibility and it has to be performed with extreme care and awakening. India has been one of the biggest democratic arrangements across the globe and prestigious press institutes & intellectual across the world are keeping an eye on the Indian political movements.

This thing will decide our stand in the global fraternity in the coming future and it will have so many positive & negative consequences. As I firmly believe that only knowledge & wisdom can get you your right. So wake up youth spread awakening and contribute in politics to make it better, brighter and rationale.  Think twice & act wise in the elections coming in 2019.

Raise your voice if you come across any unethical things; make videos, run social media campaigns, participate in online forum discussions; Write to us your views & opinions, your ideas & your contributions how we can make our country bringing clean & clear politics.   Stay connected with #IAmBuddha page – where you can read so many such latest articles, newsfeed & blogs.

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