Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail

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Once upon a time there was a kingdom where there was a weird tradition; according to the tradition, the king of kingdom used to be elected from the people of the town itself. The elected king used to have the tenure of 5 years to rule. Post this tenure, the king has to leave the town. The villagers compel the king to go to the dense forest on the other side of the river where the wild animals would eat him up too. But unfortunately that was the destiny of each king. The new king was elected after that and the cycle repeats every 5 years the same way.

When any of the kings was being compelled to leave the kingdom and go to the jungle, they used to cry, yell, beg to leave them – but all in vein. The soldiers with full security ensure that the king go to jungle.

But once, on the completion of the tenure as king, when soldiers came to capture the king – the king said, “No need to capture me or force me. I am coming willingly with you”. Everybody was astonished; however they didn’t trust him as he may escape. They boarded him on the boat and ensure him reaches on the other side of the river. During entire process and journey, the king was found so happy and joyful. One of the soldiers couldn’t resist himself and asks him, what the reason of his happiness was.

The king replied him, “the day I became king, I knew that after 5 years I’ll also be thrown out and will have to suffer as previous kings. Therefore I thought how if I be king forever!! So I sent few soldiers and labours on the other side of the river and asked them to clean the jungle by cutting unnecessary trees and thistle. After that I sent my best of ministers and diplomats there and made them prepare the infrastructures which include good roads, schools, ponds, townships, my palace etc. post that I declared that area as tax free zone and invited many merchants, small businessmen, self employed people to come there, settle there and do business. After that I managed to invite all professional people like doctors, barbers, goldsmiths, teachers, etc and helped them to settle there. Gradually an entire kingdom was being developed there. And today the clatter which you are listening and the mob you are watching at distant place, they are people of new kingdom, eagerly waiting for me. I am now king forever. This is the secret of my smile & happiness.”

The soldier was bewildered & speechless. Further that king preached him, “all the previous kings were deeply involved in enjoying their tenure as king being completely indifferent after 5 years’ scenario; but I was alert all the time and result is now in front of everyone”

Friends, the above story may be hypothetical and fictitious, but the message it passes is very important. As a human being, we have also very limited time to achieve many things in life i.e. health, good & secure future, financial stability, etc. we have the average life span of 70-75 years and out of which first 22 years are spent in childhood and study, the later 10-15 years are old age which is difficult to utilize rationally; so basically we have only 30-35 years in which we have achieve for all 70 years. Those, being indifferent or ignorant about this fact, remain busy in enjoying current time luxuries may have to end up like other all those kings. Only the far visionary man will flourish like the wise king of this story.  So Think twice, Act wise.

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