Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey exposed by Vivek Agnihotri for his controversial closed door meeting

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Recently Twitter’s co-founder Mr. Jack Dorsey visited India and he met many diplomats and VVIPs including our hon. PM Mr. Narendra Modi & opposition leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Dorsey came into limelight because of his closed door meeting with some of the lady journalists. Meeting the journalists was not the concern but post that meeting, one of the over- enthusiastic journalists shared one picture of the meeting in which Mr. Jack was seen with a poster in his hand – “SMASH BRAHMINICAL PATRIARCHY!” and that resulted into the deep outrage in India.

Watch here Vivek’s video how he explained the Brahminical Patriarchy and how he exposes those who support this act of Smashing the Brahminical Patriarchy

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Vivek explained that the first word of the poster – “SMASH” itself is a destructive and negative word; then he elucidates word Patriarchy – which means mean a descent which is known of the name of its head of family, a father or the eldest male guardian. The descent then moves ahead with the culture, customs, traditions and virtues of that patriarchy; but the irony seen was that the person who was holding poster of smashing patriarchy – Mr. Jack Dorsey is also carrying his father’s name. What hypocrisy!!! Not only Dorsey, all the so called social activists and journalists seen in the picture & supporting Mr. Dorsey, are also carrying their father’s names. Vivek, more precisely, mentioned Ms. Barkha Dutt whose father’s surname is Dutt, she is freely using that and on the other hand supporting campaign of smashing the patriarchy.

Then Vivek took everyone to the depth of the subject Brahminical Patriarchy; according to him this is propaganda of Communists and this word ‘Brahminical Patriarchy’ has been misused since years. Why Vivek did say this? Which truth he wants to reveal? What message he wants to pass to people? To know all the answers, watch the video given above.

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