Sardar Patel’s Statue of Unity: World’s Tallest Statue Unveiled on 31st October, 2018

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Imagine you are travelling from Mumbai to Junagadh or from Delhi to Bangalore or from Kolkata to Chennai; and during this journey, how you would feel, if you have to stop several times to take visa or proper permission to enter any vicinity? At first glance this imagination sounds ridiculous but there was strong probability to happen this when we got the independence in 1947.

As you all know that prior to independence, India was divided into 562+ royal states. These all states were considering each other their rivals or their enemies and post independence, amalgamation of these states into sovereign India was a mammoth task and almost not a single political personality or leader was ready to take this initiative. At this time the iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel came forward and completed this mission with his wisdom and intelligence. Sardar Patel has contributed a lot as a first home minister of independent India. Therefore India is now paying tribute to her gracious son – Sardar Patel by setting up his colossal statue. This monument is built near the Narmada dam on the river side island ‘Sadhu Bet’ near Rajpipla, Gujarat, India.

This tribute to Sardar Patel, in form of this gigantic statue, is being unveiled in presence of hon. PM Mr. Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat Mr. Vijay Rupani and many other political & corporate personalities.

The interesting thing is to know the amazing facts associated with this statue and the entire event of unveiling it on his 143rd Jayanti on 31st October, 2018.

  • The Statue of Unity is the tallest in the world & quickest to be completed in just 33 months.
  • The statue is taller than the 153 meter spring Buddha temple in China.
  • This status is twice the height of the renowned statue of Liberty, New York, USA.
  • This 182 meter tall statue needed 25,000 tonnes of iron and 90,000 tonnes of cement to be built.
  • This statue can withstand the wind speed up to 50m per second.
  • This statue is made to bare & survive in the earth quacks measuring up to 6.5 on the Richter scale.
  • The visitors will be able to see the Sardar Sarovar Dam & its 200 km long reservoir. The mountain ranges of Satpura & Vindhyachal also are visible from the gallery of this statue.
  • It is expected that after the unveiling of the statue, this entire landscape will be developed as a tourist place and it is expected to generate 15,000 direct jobs for tribal people.
  • Moreover many entices are added to attract the tourists. Some of them are observation deck view, valley of flower, memorial, museum & audio-video gallery, etc

However this entire project has been criticized & opposed by oppositions & few local tribes. If we see from the broader perspective, this statue has added a golden feather in the crown of India and it has put India in a front row at global level. If we see from the historical point of view also then this tribute to Sardar Patel was much needed.

Do visit this new & 8th wonder of the world.

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