A drought-prone village emerges as a model village for the entire nation

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Imagine a village which is has been a drought prone village for approx 17+ years, hardly 200-300 mm rainfall in entire season. As a result there may be poverty, hunger, unemployment, no quality education, no supply for drinking water of for irrigation. People started leaving the village for better opportunity, and those who were left in the village had the only trade to produce, sell and consume alcohol. Because of all these, that village has been the nightmare to stay in; moreover the government also overlooked it.

Then after a passage of some time, the same village emerged as the role model village for entire country. What happened all of sudden that village has made splendid progress? Watch here the full video of such village – Hiware Bazar

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The Sarpanch of Hiware Bazar, Mr. Popatrao Pawar, shared his experience on the prestigious platform – TEDx Talks. Popatrao shared that he has been to Mumbai for studies and he used to do very good in academics and sports; he could have made the glorious career there but when he visited back his village in 1989, he saw the plight of his village and with so much of resistance from his family, he decided to stay back at village and work for it.

Popatrao shared that with help of women and youth, they made a strategy to work on 7 points as mentioned below:

  • Ban for cutting trees
  • Donation of labour
  • Ban for open defecation
  • Ground water management
  • Family planning
  • Ban on liquor
  • Ban for open grazing

Because of this the first impact was seen was the soli & water conservation which has initiated the transformation in village. This resulted into the increase in per capita income from 800 rupees to 30,000 rupees. This has made this village the highest GDP village and because of this all those who have settled down in other cities, started commuting back to their village i.e. approx 112 families returned back to Hiware bazaar from cities like Mumbai, Pune, etc.

Popatrao, a visionary man, firmly believes that if a village will become independent, it will contribute in building the nation; and this way there will be strong relation will be founded between a village and a city. Because of Popatrao’s effort, Hiware Bazar village has been a model of NGO, a model for CSR activities and a model of ideal village leadership. Even the central ministry of rural development of India has acknowledged this village and announced that they will have the 100 clones of Hiware Bazar across the nation.

The whiff of the good work being done in this village reached overseas and people visited this village from 112+ countries. Moreover water management, crop management; secularism, etc have been proven strong pillars in the progress of this village. Truly, if a man has vision and if somebody really wants to do something, then nothing can stop him.

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