The power is within you

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Once there was a priest who was going from one place to the other. He was passing through a forest and there he saw a jackal. That jackal seemed to be handicapped as his one leg was badly injured and he was not able to stand and walk. The priest, who was compassionate by nature, was concerned that how he used to have his food for his survival.

He decided to help him, but as jackal being the wild in nature, it was perilous to go to him. The priest was in deep predicament what to do then. He then decided to sit there and observe his routine so if by fluke he gets chance then he would help it. He hid himself behind the big rock and kept observing that jackal.

After some time one lion came there; priest now was really worried for the jackal. He thought that now the lion will eat that jackal up. But with his surprise that lion offered the part of hunting he has done for himself. Jackal very happily accepted it and both of them enjoyed their food. Now the priest came to know about the divine arrangement of the almighty to take care of the jackal even if in this troublesome situation.

The priest was overwhelmed with the planning the almighty had done for the creatures and his faith doubled in him. Followed by this thought, the priest talked to himself, god is so kind that it takes care of that dumb jackal who doesn’t even know about the existence of the almighty, so wouldn’t God take care of mine being one of the most dedicated devotees of him?

This thought has inspired him to get rid of his basic job of disperse everywhere, spread knowledge and earn his livelihood by asking for ‘Bhiksha’. He settled down at one place and dependably started waiting for some angel to come and feed him. Days were spent on days but nobody turned up. One day, disappointed and frustrated priest complained God, “you have time to take care of that dumb jackal but you don’t bother of me despite of being a dedicated devotee to you. Why this injustice has happened to me?”

With his surprise, God replied, “My Son, I want you to be at that Lion’s place”. And finally that priest had the self-realization and he recommenced his journey.

This inspirational story preaches us that there is abundance of power, energy & divinity inside us but only issue is we don’t realize it.

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