IIT Madras brings revolution in low cost housing

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NDTV Chennai division recently came out with exhilarating news that IIT Madras introduces extremely affordable houses which are strong, whether proof and environment friendly. This is an Australian technology which uses glass fibres, gypsum (which is an industrial waste) which is available plenty and this cost just 1250 rs per square foot.

Watch here a video clip from NDTV about this low cost housing

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Sam Daniel, the reporter of NDTV who visited this site personally, reports that this is an amazing technology where prefabricated panels reduces construction time and therefore the house is expected to be ready in a month time. Moreover it is so cost effective that 500 SQ FT flat to cost around just 6 lakh rupees.

IIT designs low cost rapid mass housing which provides housing for millions of people who don’t have roofs over their heads. Daniel converses with Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director of IIT Madras & Prof. Devdas Menon regarding this engineering wonder. IIT Madras also aspires to train the   builders lobby of Chennai. When Daniel asked about the durability of the structure, Mr. Bhaskar said that we have not made any compromises with the basic requirements of any housing project. These structures are durable and stronger enough to sustain even against the earth quacks. It won’t be exaggeration if we say that this structure is stronger than the building structures being made today. National organization has certified the design, technology and methods of this structure and acknowledge about their sturdiness & longetivity as long as the current structures are having. Further Mr. Bhaskar also told that this is not at the R&D stage or at a prototype stage; this technology is ready to be exploited commercially.

Daniel then asked Prof. Menon about the abundance of the gypsum to which Prof. Menon said that we are having enough volume of gypsum which can make this industry survive for longer period of time. Prof. Menon also added that we are ready to launch this technology and we are looking forward to have alliance with potential builders and parties who can give justice to this concept. What we need is large number of plants all over the country and we need also the trained workers to work. If this project would be executed properly then it will be a game changer in providing the low cost housing to the poor people.

Only thing is awaited is to see how the government popularizes this concept and take it to the common man.

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