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We live in the era of globalization and commercialization where the entire world has synchronized virtually and being operated on a finger tip. In such scenario how life can be unaffected from the consequences of globalization? Today an ordinary trader can operate his business in Indian market from some corner of China; a seller can sell his stuff in American market from some remote & small shop from Africa; a service provider can offer you a service or consulting in Europe from a garage of his home in Australia. This was about business; but now days an individual’s personal & professional lives are not much different. Personal & social lives are also affected by this scenario.

In such cases, not just to survive but to thrive we really need some strategic orientation towards life. But what do we mean by strategy? According to the management Guru Mr. Dan Sullivan, – “Strategy means you conscious to plan change something.

Many decades ago Ambassador was having 70-75% of market share and then Maruti entered into market of India with a compact car called frontie; at that time Ambassador was in superiority complex that we are market leaders and ruling the market since decades; but today nobody goes for it. It has vanished from market. This applies to individual also; Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod kamli both started the career together but as per the requirement Sachin kept molding himself continuously so he became the legend in cricket where as Vinod kamli have disappeared.

Strategic orientation towards life consists of many things to be taken care of i.e. SWOT matrix is one of widely used and popular tool.

S – Strength: what strength an individual is having which can be enhanced or encashed?

W- Weakness: what weakness an individual should work upon to minimize them?

O- Opportunity: what opportunities are there to grab or captivated for growth of an individual?

T- Which are the threats that may hinder the progress of the individual?

It is also said that late is better than never! So let’s commit ourselves that we will adopt the new strategic orientation towards our lives so that we can alleviate it to new heights of growth & success. Because it is said that well begun is half done.

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