Public Speaking Fear – How to Eliminate


Tips to overcome public speaking fear

Human mind is full of many emotions like happiness, skepticism, fear, excitement, etc. These feelings come out at various instances. Among them Fear is one of the most powerful feeling. Many of us have the fear of public speaking.

It is said that FEAR is nothing but the False Evidence Appearing Real. Those who have the fear of public speaking will always prefer not to come in lime light and not to grab opportunity to come on the stage. But in today’s era, public speaking has been the vital quality in any individual regardless he / she is an entrepreneur, manager, leader, employee, student, house-wife, etc anybody. When you cannot speak properly in front of public then you cannot pass on the message properly. And when you cannot pass on the message properly, how can you stimulate people to work according to you.

There many public speaking classes, seminars, workshops and training are happening all over, but nothing has emerged as sure-shot solution. Here, some tips are being shared for overcoming the fear of public speaking.

Be mentally prepared: One has to be mentally prepared and mentally make up mind to speak, to improve and emerge as effective leader. Without strong will-power no workshop, no training will help.


it is said that “spending more time in preparing will reduce time in repairing.” It implied on public speaking too. One has to prepare the speech properly. Here, I’d compare an idea speech with a 3 course meal. i.e. when we go out for dinner then we follow one particular sequence – first we order Soup which acts as an appetizer; then we order starters which helps coping with our appetite till the main course comes. Then we order for the main course and last we order desert. Same way an ideal speech has the 4 elements i.e. Preface (which acts as an appetizer) which draws attention of the audience; then comes introduction of subject (which acts as an appetizer where we let our audience know what we are going to speak); then after the main body of the speech (which is like main course, our arguments, facts & figures and main content of the speech) and lastly it comes the conclusion (which acts as a desert) which make our audience understand what we were trying to convey. So an ideal speech has to be framed in this format.

Body language:

proper, gesture, posture, eye-contact, voice modulation, using the space available while speaking, etc are the major elements to be taken care while public speaking. Proper use of intonation of voice, etc has to be applied.


one has to make sure that whatever content is going to be delivered has the relevance with the main subject, theme or the targeted audience else people will lose interest.

Presence of mind:

Public speaking should not be merely a one way delivery of lecture kind of things. An orator has to develop skill to engage and involve the audience in the speech; one has to learn where to stretch and where to stop. Engaging people helps to pass on the message properly and it gives confidence to speaker also.

Public speaking is an art and it has to be developed through rigorous practice because there is no shortcut to gain excellence.

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