Influence people : How-to & induce them to act the way you want

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How to influence people

Being into knowledge industry and also being as an experimenter of behavioural science, one thing has always challenged me and that is to make other persons to act the way we want them to act. During the Post graduation also we were told that human behaviour is the most unpredictable; there is no guarantee that same person would act the say way in same situation but at different times.

So when a person’s behaviour is not in even his own control then how someone else can predict it.  And when you cannot predict the behaviour then how can you make them act or take actions the way you want them do so.

After so much reading, observation and doing case studies of highly effective and influencing people, 7 techniques have been derived; by using these techniques in personal and professional lives we can make people act the way we want them to do so.

The 7 influencing techniques are – affability, negotiating, reasoning, firmness, looming, alliance and dominancy.

The first and foremost way should be affability; this creates a comfort zone and allow easy cross over. Being friendly brings other person nearer to you, it helps building relation with other people and this relation building get things done for us.

Next technique is negotiating. Here, we offer something in return; we offer return favour when we want our desire things to get done. This is not less than a simple barter system. This technique helps you to oblige the other person for something what you want them to do.

Then it comes reasoning. Here we give all possible and genuine reasons why the person should do what we want them to do. This reasoning is backed by proper logic, facts & figures and it assures other person that what you are aiming them to do is in everybody’s interest.

Firmness is the next technique of influence. Here, we become very firm, tough and clear what we want and why we want.

Looming is a technique which is not much desired to be used. Here we threaten person for doing something and therefore one, by force, become ready to do what we want them to do.

Alliance is one of the oldest techniques where we tend to associate with those people who are emotionally very nearer to our target and thereby we create an emotional vigour to get the things done.

Last but not the least is dominancy. In this technique we find the source who is superior to our target and whom our target cannot deny in any circumstances. It can be professional, social, emotional or occupational obligation of such source so we get the things done by this higher authority.

The first four techniques are positive and should be used frequently; the last three techniques are slightly negative and should be avoided as much as we can. So practicing above techniques will make you master in making people to act the way you want them to.

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