Work Life – How to balance

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How to balance Work Life

It is said that work is for life, life is not for work; but very few people can understand the depth of these line. In English also there is a proverb that All work and no play makes jack a dull boy; therefore a balanced work-life concept now days has widely accepted and admired phenomenon. Corporate, MNCs, large scale organizations, therefore have accepted and started taking actions on the work life balance. Because it is a natural thing that a disturbed person or an exhausted person cannot contribute great things. In social media is also, today’s work life was criticized in a lighter mode i.e. – what is life? Whichever part is left from traffic and office – that is life. Another one – on the Day of Judgment day (according to catholic belief), the god will not ask how many presentation you have made or how many meetings you have called; he will ask how many smiles you have spread.

An unbalance work life soon leads a person to many physical & mental challenges therefore a balanced work life is very much essential for an individual to live happily. The parameters of an individual’s success must not be the cars, bunglows or other properties he / she might have acquired but it should be measured on 5H – Happiness, Healthiness, Honesty, Harmony & Humbleness one is having. To have a grip on these 5Hs there are certain easy steps which we can follow: –

Step -1: Spare 30 minutes for yourself in morning:

Morning time shouldn’t be a race between you and time. Don’t check mails or phone immediately after you wake up; give 30 minutes time to recharge yourself both personally and professionally.

Step -2: Cultivate habit of multitasking:

Maximum work you cover during the working hours, more quality time you get for family and personal matters. Schedule your day, make to do list and arrange them in the priority management matrix. Work 20 minutes and take break and repeat this pattern.

Step -3: Be Technosavy:

Using the technology can make you faster, more effective and perfect in doing things. Using technology effectively however can put time back on your side.

Step -4: Explore yourself:

You will challenge your routine, spend more time outside and experience the exhilaration of trying something outside of your comfort zone. Vigilantly slash on your luxuries during travel and opt for the micro adventures instead.

Step -5: don’t be shy to ask:

We all may have the different dimensions and opinions on work life balance; your answer may be different from your buddies or colleagues. You are bound to stress yourself out if you simultaneously try to pursue a promotion at work and train for a marathon and have regular date nights and cook healthy meals for your kids. Remember, “Balance happens over time, not all at once.”

 Carving out even small pockets of time for yourself will help you recharge and enjoy your life, because those small changes add up – even when there are carpools to organize, tests to take and e-mails to return.

Have a happy work life balance.

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