Why it is absolutely necessary to promote your child’s creativity

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Have you ever felt that some kids in the class are more creative/talented than the rest? Quite naturally that makesthem the apple of teachers’ eye and popular amongst the peer. What keeps the rest in the shadow? Lack of creativity? Though it is widely accepted that talent is mostly genetic, I firmly believe that caregivers have a big role to play for it to come to light.

While every parent would want his/her child to be a powerhouse of talent, they don’t do much to discover, hone, let alone induce it. In due time they join the rat race with the fellow parents and take the usual route to upbringing. This route isn’t fascinating for any child because truth be told, their individual growth is hindered. Parents however make very serious efforts to throw themselves wholeheartedly into manufacturing clones of the highest scorer of the class. To add to that, they take immense pride in their manufacturing unit.

The dictionary meaning of ‘Creativity’ranges from ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’ to‘inventiveness’ also known as innovation.As a parent the ideal way to supplement your child’s growth would be by introducing creativity at the earliest stage of the little one’s life. While most guardians toil to inculcate a flair in vocabulary, pronunciation or an interest in numbers where they mostly fail is in their approach towards these subjects.

Another thing that baffles me is the status of Art, Craft, Music and Dance in our education system.They have undoubtedly been the step brothers to the mainstream subjects popularly known as ‘extra curricular’ since the inception of education. Let’s not count exceptions.

That explains the flaw in the division of education, especially in India.

Learning the tables or outlining the preposition could help your child pole-vault from one class to another but it will not help your little one scrape off emotional distress. As an adult we all realize that controlling our inner demons is more often the deciding factor in our growth as an individual or as a worker. This is when creativity comes to rescue. Creativity is not just one single quality, it is an approach, a way of living one’s life. It is an alternate viewpoint which brushes aside obstacles which an education centering mainstream subjects doesn’t facilitate. How would drawing a tiger, filling it with colors, keeping within the margin or going out help your child become a pro at handling emotions you might think. When a child starts early with art and craft, she/he is better at expressing, develops patience on the go, uncovers the road to self satisfaction so on and so forth. Most children involved in art, craft or any other ‘vocation’ from an early age conform less to the mundane and open up more to the beautiful world of creativity and innovation. In other words, your child will not follow the herd but be an example of individuality.

If you have ideas that would help parents raise many such creative individuals do write to us. IAmBuddha foundation will publish the best five ideas which can help demystify orthodox parenting and help children sail through life, not spend it running from pillar to post.

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