Why Are The Valiant Marathas Missing From Our History Lessons?

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Can history get deleted? What can be the reason for that to happen? To create an alternate narrative or to bury the existing one?

It is difficult to tell the truth from false when it comes to history but what creates perception is significant in ways more than one. It affects not just our evaluation of the past but also the credibility of our present.

Maratha history in all its originality has been strangely missing from govt. text books, other books, popular media, popular culture and kept under shroud by the state media machinery of our country. It would be both interesting and important to know why.

Learning incorrect history would in a way mean living our entire lives in ignorance! Or let’s just simply put, all our opinions, political and otherwise stand on slippery grounds. This thought shocked me to no end.

Why would someone ransack our history and who would commit the blasphemy? All arrows were pointing roughly at one direction, the Historians of India. Maratha heroes have been noted villains by many Historians and scholars of our country and Shivaji who never appeared as great as Akbar in our books was looked down upon citing examples like ‘The Sack of Surat’.

I further gathered, the Marathas contrary to popular opinion harbored no hatred towards ‘North Indians’.

The third battle of Panipat (1761) in which the Marathas unfortunately lost is often termed as the start to the decline of the Maratha rule. However, in larger context it was a battle after which India lost the strongest central power which eventually led to the British expansionist policy in India (battle of Buxar (1764). Supplementing that, the Marathas in the third Anglo Maratha war put up the final fight to resist the British rule in India. Where are the chapters deleted to a race so full of vigor? We are yet to find.

The British invasion split open the marrow of the Indian subcontinent. The traditional Indian method of teaching was belittled and missionaries made their entry. It was a two-way tool to both convert Indians and force feed them western education. Indian culture was made to look bland and plebian in the face of the colonizer’s literature, art, culture and mannerisms. But the damage the British caused did not leave with them. It continues to plague us till today.

Greatest of Hindu Kingdoms lost its worth in our books. As confusing as this gets, truth is Islamic kingdoms never existed independently but in partnership with the Hindu kingdoms unlike the commonly accepted notion. 800 years of Mughal rule was outlined in gold by British rulers to shake our confidence in ourselves. It was to trick us into believing that our ancestors, the native Indians were weak in safeguarding their land from foreign invaders and therefore Muslim rulers conquered us and consolidated us.

Our first honorable Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar-Lal Nehru couldn’t do much to change what was wrong with our school books. Perhaps what shaped young minds wasn’t as important as the five year plans or IIT’s.

Precisely why it isn’t much of a surprise that generations of our country have been deprived from knowing our history as most of us still continue to elevate the Mughals over the Marathas.

Marathas history


A computer engineer by education, fashion photographer turned historian HerambKhot while working for Sony TV’s BajiraoPeshwa was taken by surprise when he started researching on Maratha History.

Thousands of man hours and many manyyellowed papers of ancient books later he realized that he had barely scratched the surface.

He continued with the research in order to make a web series called History Trippin. The series combines his two passions motorcycling and the history of the Marathas.

Also in the pipeline is his book on the management principles of the Marathas that had brought down the mighty Mughals to their knees and unfurled the Maratha flag right upto the attack in Afghanistan.IamBuddha Foundation is delighted to present his research and take on the subject in their upcoming event, 75 Years of Deleted Maratha History.

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