‘Awaken’ your senses with a ‘Time-Lapse’ treat!

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Just this morning I went to the terrace of my Kolkata apartment to enjoy the first cup of my favorite brew. One thing I particularly miss in the Mumbai residence is the unclear grey-blue expanse that I can witness here during my tea trips to the terrace.

Clouds floated into my line of vision with its unique colors, aesthetics, conventions and repertoire and I felt helpless not having at least my phone to capture a time lapse.

Anyway, I continued to watch the magic happen and came down after a while to check on my sleeping child.

She was sound asleep so I had time with my virtual boyfriend, my laptop and myself. Guess what I found lurking inside my inbox? A more than spectacular compilation of time lapses; lyrical, fluid and breathtaking shots rolled into a documentary feature ‘Awaken’ awakening me fresh and wide. My boss had send me the video asking me to write something around it.

Aweken Time Lapse

Tom Lowe’s ground breaking trailer has been understandably shot over a 5-year period in no less than 30 odd countries pioneering new time-lapse, time-dilation, underwater, and aerial cinematography techniques to give audiences new eyes with which to see our world.

I said to myself thank God I did not carry my phone to the terrace. After watching what can be called beauty in action my i-phone time-lapse would have committed suicide in insecurity.

While Lowe wasn’t satisfied with time lapses alone he went further on to shoot astrophotography time-lapse from a moving helicopter. I will not describe the result. It is for you to see.

Aweken Time Lapse

Lowe defines ‘Awaken’ as “humanity’s relationship with technology and the natural world.” There is no release date as of now to look forward to but the feature documentary created in collaboration with Dubai Film is a revelation showcasing never-before-possible time-lapse sequences akin to BBC’s Planet Earth. Tom Lowe has reportedly helped invent new types of camera equipment to make his vision a reality.

The three-minute long 4K trailer is mesmerizing to say the least and cinematographer Lowe and his crew has only shared a hint of the work they have done to stimulate our senses. Check out the link below!

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/u9GJSV3IZPo” /]

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