5 Life Changing decisions of MS Dhoni

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1 Choosing Cricket over Football & Badminton

Dhoni initially excelled in badminton and football and was selected in these sports. Dhoni was a goalkeeper for his football team and was sent to play cricket for a local cricket club by his football coach. Though he had not played cricket, Dhoni impressed with his wicket-keeping skills and became the regular wicketkeeper at the Commando cricket club. Based on his performance at club cricket, he was picked for the 1997/98 season Vinoo Mankad Trophy Under-16 Championship and he performed well. Dhoni focused on cricket after his 10th standard. And we can’t thank him more!

2 Importance to Originality – The Helicopter Shot

Nobody in India can forget the captain of the Indian Cricket Team hitting his famous and original ‘Helicopter Shot’.

But as MSD is, he accepted this in all his humility that the shot was taught to him by his friend Santosh, from Ranchi.

Santosh used to be Dhoni’s cricket buddy and they both used to play lot of tennis ball cricket together. They used to travel together across the state for their cricket matches and the India ODI captain was very fond of Santosh’s batting skills.

However, tragically, Santosh suffered pancreatitis and lost his life in July, 2013. At that time, Dhoni had arranged for Santosh to be flown in from Ranchi to Delhi to get proper treatment but Santosh didn’t make it.

3 Believing in the ‘Youth Power’

MSD is a man of many surprises, we all know that, his career and personal life is well documented to give us several evidences. But it is amazing to see that this man practised the same “good habits” or rather “surprising habits” as he used to before the limelight happened.

Dhoni once decided to bring in the wild card Ravindra Jadeja, who responded with 24 wickets at 17.45 with his left arm spin, including a first ever five-wicket haul in Delhi which helped seal the match in India’s favour. YAY!

The captain, while maintaining calmness in victory, stressed on the need for the youngsters to develop “good habits”.

“With a young side you have to change a bit. You have to talk to them often, get them into a system where they do things that are supposed to be done. It’s important for them to learn good habits which will remain with them when I’m not there.”

Well said Mahi. *Respect!

4 The ‘Be in the Present!’ Concept

We have heard it in many motivation speeches and gurus telling us the ‘Secret of Success’ is to fight todays battle and not think in the past or the future, Dhoni is a man who practises it. He has been reported in several interviews saying “I live in the present!” and it is a habit, he says, he took long to learn. It is his this decision that makes him ‘captain’ by nature, and may be this is the reason we call him ‘captain cool’ cause he focuses on the moment and not on its results.

The captain says it cost him his struggle to believe in this concept and true that; we all have seen his incredible struggle in the movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016).

5 The ‘King Of Surprise’

Yes! we all know that, Dhoni has a habit of giving us an adrenaline rush just watching him play.

In the final against Sri Lanka, Dhoni promoted himself up the batting order, coming before an in form Yuvraj Singh.

That gave us a real shock BDW!

When he came to bat India needed more than six runs per over with three top order batsmen already dismissed. Due to good stroke play and active running between wickets, they kept up with the required run rate. Dhoni was on 60 off 60 balls, but later accelerated with a greater flow of boundaries, ending with 91 not out off 79 balls. KUDOS Cap.

And of course who can forget the amazing six that he hit with that straight face. Dhoni is a king and no one can sum it better then Harsha Bhogle “India lift the world cup after 28 years and it is an Indian captain who has been absolutely magnificent!”.



Thank you from team #IAmBuddha & India.

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